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Louis Vuitton is undoubtably one of the most recognized global luxury brands in the world. It iconic bags are easy to spot whether its the classic Louis Vuitton monogram that dates back to the 1800’s, or the younger but equally loved Damier print introduced in the ‘90s that so many have grown to love and covet.

Whether you love or hate Louis Vuitton's it doesn't really matter. Timeless and rooted in history, each bag an unwavering statement on class, luxury and style. It's significance is to fashion itself.

The mark of true luxury is a product that is well made and therefore repairable. At Leather Zulu Repairs, we ensure that we repair or restore your bag so you can fall in love with it all over again and continue to use it for as long as possible. 

Check out some of our favourite Louis Vuitton restorations below.

Louis Vuitton Galliera
Lining replacement

Bag Fact: The Louis Vuitton Galliera was discontinued in 2013 making it a premium find for bag enthusiasts globally


The lining in this LV Galliera had started disintegrating. This is a problem we see often, caused by a combination of age and humidity which leads to unsightly patching in the materials.

Our team did a full lining replacement, removing the old lining whilst ensuring to retain all the original hardware. Repaired, restored and revived, the classic Galliera bag is ready to be loved over and over again.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull
Premium Clean

Bag Fact: The Neverfull, was created in 2007. Designed to be a practical everyday tote, today it is one of the most popular Louis Vuitton designs

Marks in the interior of bags are such a common problem! Big spills happen as we saw with this Neverfull. From ink staining to make up “oopsies” – the daily visual of the devastation of your once pristine cream lining being a kaleidoscope of accidents you would sooner forget about , is something we can help with.

This bag was treated to a premium interior clean to remove as much of the stains as possible. The interior and exterior were fully cleaned using our unique cleaning system and now the bag looks brighter.

Relove Your Favourite Bags

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Important Notice

Whilst we can provide a prelimanry quote based on photos. Final costs may vary depending on our team's physical assessment of your bag and the required repair/restoration service. 

The final quote will only be provided once your bag has been assessed.

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